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Automatic 3-in-1 Pet Bowl

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Introducing the Automatic 3-in-1 Pet Bowl – the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking convenience, functionality, and innovation! This incredible pet bowl is designed to make feeding time a breeze while keeping your furry friend healthy and satisfied.

The Automatic 3-in-1 Pet Bowl is not just convenient; it's also designed with your pet's well-being in mind. The food and water compartments are made from high-quality, food-grade materials that are safe for your pet's consumption. The portion control feature helps prevent obesity and promotes healthy eating habits, while the water dispenser encourages regular hydration, especially important during hot summer days or when you're away for extended periods.

Cleaning up after your pet is a breeze with this innovative bowl. The detachable food tray and water dispenser are dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort. The bowl's sleek design and compact size make it a perfect fit for any kitchen or feeding area.

Upgrade your pet's feeding routine with the Automatic 3-in-1 Pet Bowl – the ultimate combination of convenience, functionality, and style. Your pet deserves the best, and this bowl delivers exactly that. Don't wait any longer; order yours now and experience the future of pet feeding!

Product Features:

  • Small body, water snacks, a bowl, automatic continuous water, add water, convenient, double-use
  • Bowl port 15 ° C Tilt protection cervical vertebrae, special angle design to prevent cervical vertebra
  • Gravity effluent structure, automatic water storage is full, no overflow, add water for 3 days
  • All removable, easy to clean, clean, all the separation is clean.

Pet Bowl Automatic Feeder Dog Cat Food Bowl with Water Fountain Double Bowl Drinking Raised Stand Dish Bowls for Cats

  • Material: HIPS
  • Capacity: 1.8L
  • Color: blue, green, white, grey, pink

  1. 3-in-1 Pet Food and Water Bowl Set: Two pet bowls are designed for dry wet depart, and it allows multiples pets to eat at the same time
  2. Automatic Water Supply Cat Bowls: Siphon principle for stable control of water level and automatic water supply, anti-rust SUS spring keeps every drop fresh, 500ml large capacity water bowls can meet 2-3 days need
  3. Raised Rotatable Cat Bowls: 0-15° tilt protect the cervical vertebrae, 360° rotatable cat bowls provide more space for pets to eat from different directions
  4. Easy to Use Cat Bowls: Detachable parts makes it easy to clean, 4" lip height to catch crumbles and spills
  5. Food Grade Pet Bowls




    Buyer Questions & Answers

    Q: Is it necessary to wash the entire design to carry or is it as bowls separated?
    A: Yes, the drinker is part of the entire design. Bowls are separated, but fixed tightly at the expense of a square base. Since the bottle is enough for a long time for a small dog, you can wash once in 5 days

    Q: What material of the Cup?
    A: Food grade plastic

    Q: Is there any way to get the bottle on the other side?
    A: If the water bottle is damaged due to long-term use, you can use ordinary mineral water bottles or beverage bottles instead


    SilkyBrush FAQ's

    To achieve the desired outcome, it is recommended to use careful, gentle strokes from the neck to the tail, focusing on areas with ample fur and avoiding sensitive regions like the stomach. Adjust the pressure appropriately, considering your pet's comfort level. Take extra care when grooming bony areas such as the hips and spine. Additionally, ensure that the coat is dry before applying this method. Plus you get an instruction card in the box which shows you what to do.

    You can trust in the quality of our SilkyBrush products, as they have been meticulously designed to prioritise your pet's comfort. Equipped with 51 appropriately sized massage nubs, the SilkyBrush provides a gentle and soothing massage for your pet's skin and coat. Moreover, it effectively removes loose topcoat, dander, dirt, and sand, ensuring a thorough grooming experience.

    By smoothly moving the slide backward, you can retract the edges and effortlessly remove your pet's fur, dander, and dirt, resulting in a pristine and clean surface.

    The SilkyBrush was designed with all dog breeds in mind. Due to the adjustable comb, as long as your dog has a fur coat, the SilkyBrush will be extremely effective. Generally, the longer the coat the more hair the SilkyBrush® will remove.

    Yes, as long as your pet has a coat, the SilkyBrush will work it's magic and remove loose fur, dirt and undercoat. Be sure to retract the comb suitable to your pets coat

    No all of our SilkyBrush™ work and function the same except are different coloured for your convenience

    Yes, we are Australian owned and operated, but ship worldwide for free!


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