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5 Reasons Your Pet is At Risk & why we're giving away our product to fix it for FREE

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Why Your Pet is At Risk

Most of us don't routinely use a nail trimmer on our pets. The only time they will get their nails trimmed is if they visit a vet, which will come with an insane price tag for the same service we are giving away for free... 

However, your pets can't trim their own nails so they need us to help them and prevent all the health risks associated with nail trimming. 


The Science Behind Nail Trimming

Cutting a nail too short can cause them to bleed due to a blood vessel stored inside each nail. Longer blood vessels typically occur in the nail when they’ve had a longer time to grow. Meaning your pet is at risk. Overgrown nails make it easier for a nail to be quicked due to the blood vessel growing longer. Routine nail trims will help these blood vessels recede, making each nail trim shorter and easier for everyone involved.


So Why Aren't People Nail Trimming?

It's a pretty simple answer, a combination of disgusting prices by big brands and the misconception that you need to pay hundreds of dollars for a vet to do. However, we've got a safer and FREE alternative for Aussie Paw Parents.



We're Offering a Safer Solution... For FREE

Our Nail Grinder is designed with your pet in mind (& your wallet). It's simple to use, has safety guards and is whisper quiets to ensure it won't make your pup anxious.

Valued at $75, we're giving it away 100% FREE to all customers who purchase our #1 Selling SilkyBrush. This pet brush has sold almost 100,000 units in the last 12 months and voted by many groomers and pet experts across Australia as the #1 Pet Brush for you pet. 


40,000+ Happy Customers

With over 100,000 items sold across Australia, SilkyPaws is 100% Aussie Owned an Operated business on a mission to make the life of pets better. But don’t just take our word for it—check out what other snackers are saying!



“This is honestly the most effective dog brush we've had -- it removes so much dead hair and makes our Border Collie soft and fluffy afterwards. The only issue is that he doesn't like it at all - but we are hoping over time he will become more used to it.”

Jill M. - Verified Buyer


“Our beautiful Lab Max has never liked being brushed, this is our daughter brushing him and Max loved it and didn't want her to stop.”

Gayle H. - Verified Buyer


"I hated trimming my pets nails with a standard trimmer. This nail Grinder by SilkyPaws is honestly a game changer!”

Amanda R. - Verified Buyer